Friday, July 18, 2008

Iphone Bible...more reading of Scripture

While I wait to download the Ipod update for Touch, I ran across this article that Nicholas Knisely over at "Entangled States" posted....

July 17, 2008

iPhone Bible

Saw this in one of my RSS feeds this afternoon:

"Since yesterday’s launch people have spent a total of 186,894 minutes reading the Bible on their iPhones using the Bible App. It is now one of the top 50 applications on iTunes.

Our goal with all along has been to increase people’s engagement with Scripture, and yesterday has proven to be a big milestone in this effort. I’m really excited to think about all that will happen as more people began to make the Bible a part of their everyday lives.

If you have an iPhone (and soon to include now the iPod touch) I encourage you to download it - it’s FREE. We are continuing to develop new features for YouVersion, so the website, mobile site, and iPhone app will continue to get better."

Read the full article here and follow the links to the application - or just hit the app store.

I've just installed it on my iPhone. Works a treat. And it allows you to choose different translations (and includes excellent ones like the ESV as well as great adaptions like "The Message".)

Hopefully I'll be able able to add to the total number of minutes of bible reading over the next few weeks. Now I don't feel like such a dork for celebrating last Friday's nerd holiday...

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