28 October 2008

Real Americans. Real Christians. Article posted at Episcopal Cafe

My most recent article, "Real Americans. Real Christians" was posted today over at The Episcopal Cafe, an excerpt is below, or you can read it all HERE.

"I wish that we in the Episcopal Church were just a bit bolder about what it is that we do believe; that we could put out our message with more fervor and enthusiasm. For example, I believe that we have allowed those who are outside our church to define us, usually negatively. What if we spoke with more clarity about our dedication to our baptismal covenant, and about our belief in the creeds? I was recently listening to a bishop who was at the Lambeth Conference who said that there were bishops from the Global South who were surprised to hear that Episcopalians actually believe in the resurrection. This came as quite a shock, but it does illuminate the confused messages that we allow to dominate the airwaves about our church."

Read the rest HERE.

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