14 October 2015

Fascinating article! It’s More about Cupcakes than you Think-How our educational system is failing our children

It’s More about Cupcakes than you Think-How our educational system is failing our children

A few weeks ago, while reading the comments on a story about our broken educational system, I came upon a response that basically said, well, all that parents care about are cupcakes and that's the real problem. I suppose what was to be interpreted from that line is that parents aren't really interested in the educating of their children because they are too interested in no longer being able to serve cupcakes at school parties, or ever actually. After all, cupcakes have nothing to do with a good education. Or do they?
My own history of my own education is a much different history than my children are creating. Growing up in the '70's and '80's my education was much more rounded. Not only could we freely have cupcakes, once a week our treat was a bottle of grape pop. We had recess and gym every single day. Not a single person complained about celebrating any holiday. Nobody cared if the school had displayed a Merry Christmas sign or a Seasons Greetings sign. All of the classic school subjects were taught every day, and not eliminated or enhanced based on any tests. There was no common core and not a soul was labeled as having a behavior problem for forgetting their pencil. We got to talk during lunch and run at recess. Every kid did not make the team. We won some and we lost some. Rarely was any child obese ( despite all of those cupcakes ). I walked home from school every day, just like most of my friends, in sun, rain, wind, and snow, and one time a thunderstorm. Our teachers were not worn thin by paperwork. They were able to just teach in their own style. We had good teachers and bad ones and mean ones and nice ones. There was no edline or livegrades so that our parents could constantly be watching us. My parents never had to sign a paper for the classes I chose to take in high school. I was responsible for every assignment, and 95% of the time my parents knew nothing about them....
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