Wednesday, March 18, 2020

His vocation is to be the Servant

“If he is the Son of God, why not simply take power? Jesus recognizes that to rule would be for him precisely to go over to the side of evil. Political mastery tears human solidarity apart by elevating the masters and forcing others into subservience. The glory of charismatic leadership depends on sustaining the illusion that the leader is above and beyond the common masses, an illusion they need as much as he or she does. From deep within Jesus emerges his refusal of the way of power, a refusal he will have to repeat again and again on the way to the cross. His vocation is to be the Servant, he will be “numbered with the transgressors,” not the rulers. He will be unbreakably, doggedly, passionately one with God’s struggling and needy children.”
–Martin L. Smith, A Season for the Spirit

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