18 September 2009

Great blogs, recently added to the blogroll...

I do a good bit of blog-surfing, and there are some great ones out there that I look forward to reading...here are a few that I highly recommend...

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey

"Sacred Every Day" is a blog just launched by the Rev. Dr. Pamela Cooper-White who was a colleague of mine while I was being sponsored for ordination St. Martin in the Fields Episcopal Church in Philadelphia. She was an adjunct priest there and was a professor at Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia. She has now moved to Georgia and teaches at Columbia Seminary. She is a great writer, wonderful soul, and has now entered the community of Episcopal bloggers. Welcome her, and check out her blog here: http://pamelacooper-white.blogspot.com

"Fig Tree Notes" is a blog written by the Rev. Jim Lewis, a priest who has been dedicated to working for gospel-inspired social justice for several decades. He is a great writer and puts his body where his views are. To top it off, he was a great lacrosse player many years ago and had been on the board of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship a decade or so before I served on that board. Check out his blog here: http://www.figtreenotes.com

"Civil War Memory" is a blog written by Kevin Levin, a history teacher and Civil War historian in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is a good historian, a good writer, and I have enjoyed learning more about the Civil War, and also about politics and history from him. Check out his blog here: http://cwmemory.com

"Christ Episcopal Church Albertville" is a blog written by the Rev. David Kendrick, a colleague of mine from seminary who is bright, thoughtful, prayerful, and a great writer. He is prolific in his biblical and theological reflections and has done a great job with this blog, as well as with an earlier one in which he reflected on the Daily Office. Check out David's blog here: http://cec-albertville.blogspot.com

"Leading Thoughts from Triangle Associates" is a blog written by educational leaders who are hired to help revision and improve the leadership of educational institutions. Their reflections are helpful for anyone in a leadership position and I have enjoyed reading their posts. Check out the blog here: http://triangleassociates.typepad.com/weblog

"Costly Grace" is a blog written by the Archer of the Forest, a priest who has an eclectic style, is a good writer, and takes on all kinds of issues. I love seeing what he might post, and read everything he posts. Check out his blog here: http://costlygrace.blogspot.com

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