Saturday, October 23, 2010


Interconnected With the World
N. Gordon Cosby (from Inward/Outward blog)

Potential servant leaders best receive their training set in the midst of the suffering, feeling the hurt and pain of which they are to be the healers. Unless we ourselves are there, we'll not be able to introduce others to the poorest of the poor.
We pray for our neighborhood and also for those servant leaders who, in their own cities and countries, begin to bring in the shalom prophesied by Isaiah and embodied in Jesus. We'll keep on until we are interconnected and intertwined with the whole world. There is a new world coming. It must come because it is in God's mind and God has willed it.
What we do with intensity and focus in our own neighborhood, the one in which God has set our community--your community--will enable us to reach out in affection to the whole globe. To the whole human family. To the whole created order.
The time has come when all limited patriotic boundaries must be transcended. Everything is interconnected. We are related in affection to everything.
Source: Sermon (September 7 1989)

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