Saturday, October 23, 2010

VTS Chapel memories

Chapel Memory #1 - The baptism of my son on the Easter Monday in 2006 along with wonderful sermon by the Rev. Michael White (now of Savannah), and celebrant the Rev. Joseph Constant (of VTS), and drumming by yours truly and the Rev. Lester MacKenzie (from South Africa, now in LA), and guitar by the Rev. Joseph Hensley (of Durham, NC)..."marching in the light of God," "I want to walk as a child of the light...'

Chapel Memory #2 - Memorial Service of Alice Hensley

Chapel Memory #3 - Sitting in the balcony next to theological ethicist Stanley Hauerwas (of Duke University) (who knew the Book of Common Prayer Service by heart) who turned to me and said how glad he was that we were singing so many Wesley hymns.

Chapel Memory #4 - Preaching my "Senior Sermon" there - was nervous as all get-out.

Chapel Memory #5 - Memorial Service of Adam Goren, VTS '05

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Kesha Brennom said...

Peter- I remember your senior sermon...and I remember sitting there thinking- he is sooo calm! I will never be that! funny isn't it. Thanks for your thoughts- kesha