10 December 2012

Exploring the “Desert Fathers and Mothers” in Epiphany

Exploring the “Desert Fathers and Mothers” in Epiphany

On January 9th, 16th and 23rd, our Senior Associate Rector, Peter Carey will be offering a class on Wednesday nights to explore the spirituality of the “Desert Fathers and Mothers” during these early weeks of Epiphany.

We will have some optional readings from Thomas Merton, Joan Chittister, and Rowan Williams which will orient ourselves to these early monastic figures, and will also help us to see the ways that this “desert spirituality” might enliven our own prayer and action in the world today. 

If you have never read about these early monastic figures, you will really enjoy the short anecdotes from their lives and ministry.  They are full of wisdom, humor, and theological depth.  If you have studied these figures before, you will find this class to broaden and deepen your understanding. 

Please join us!  Peter will have a booklet of stories of these figures, some commentary on them, and some jumping-off points for our discussion.  If you want to read more and delve deeper, he will also have a recommended (but not required) reading list.

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