16 December 2012

Sandy Hook sermons listed on the Diocese of Connecticut's website

Sandy Hook sermons listed on the Diocese of Connecticut's website

Sandy Hook Sermons


  • The Rev. Amy Welin, Dec. 16, St. John's, Waterbury - Link here (PDF)
  • The Rev. Dr. Molly F. James, Dec. 16,  St. James, Higganum - link here (Google Doc)
  • The Rev. Susan Davidson, Dec. 16, All Saint's, Wolcott - Link here (PDF)
  • The Rev. Alex Dyer, Dec. 16, St. Paul & St. James, New Haven - Link here (PDF)
  • The Rev. Greta Getlein, Dec. 16, Christ Church, New Haven - Link here
  • The Rev. Christopher L. Webber, Dec. 16, St. Paul's, Bantam - Link here (his web page)
  • The Rev. Craig David Uffman, Dec. 16, St. Thomas', Rochester NY - Link here
  • The Rev. Dr. Richard M. Simpson, Dec. 16, St. Francis, Holden MA - Link here (his blog)
  • The Rev. Matt Lincoln, Dec. 16, St. John's, North Haven - Link here (mp3)
  • The. Rev. Patrick Hall, Dec. 16, Autry House, Houston TX - Link here
  • The Rev. Robyn Barnes, Dec. 16, Church of the Nativity, Helena, Montana - Link here
  • The Very Rev. Ian Markham, Dec. 17 Dean of Virginia Theological Seminary, brief commentary - Link here
  • The Rev. Steve Pankey, Dec. 16, St. Paul's, Foley, Alabama - Link here
  • The. Rev. Jeremiah WIlliamson, Dec. 16, St. Andrew's, Toledo OH - Link here
  • BIshop Jeff Fisher, Dec. 16, Diocese of Texas - Link here 
  • Tommy Thompson, Minister to Youth & Children, Dec. 16, St. Thomas', Fort Washington PA - Link here
  • The Rev. Elizabeth Zivanov, Dec. 16, St. Clement's, Honolulu - Link here 
  • The Rev. Bevan Stanley, Dec. 16, St. Michael's, Litchfield - Link here (PDF)
  • The Rev. Joseph Shepley, sermon at Dec. 15 Prayer Service, St. Paul's, Brookfield - Link here (YouTube)
  • The Rev. Jim Bradley, Dec. 16, Emmanuel, Killingworth, CT Link here (PDF)
  • The Rev. Noelle York-Simmons,Dec. 16, All Saints', Atlanta, GA  Link here (PDF)
  • The Rev. Jane Sigloh, Dec. 16, St. Paul's, Ivy, VA Link here (PDF)
  • The Rev. Peter Carey, Dec. 16, St. Paul's Memorial Church, Charlottesville, VA Link here
  • Bishop Stephen Lane, Dec. 16, Diocese of Maine Link here
  • The Very Rev. Gary Hall, Dec. 16, Dean of the National Cathedral Link here
  • The Rev. Dr. Kris Lewis, Dec. 16, Trinity, Seymour, CT Link here (PDF)
  • The Rev. Helen Svoboda-Barber, Dec. 16, Harcourt Parish, Gambier, OH   Link here (audio)
  • Dr. Pam Birrell, Ph.D., Dec. 16, St. Mary's, Eugene OR  Link here 
  • The Rev. Christopher Holms, Deacon, St. Peter's, Monroe, CT Link here to text and additional resources
  • Emilie Finn, Seminarian, Christ & Holy Trinity, Westport, CT Link here (PDF)
  • The Rev. Puck Purnell, Old St. Andrew's, Bloomfield, CT Link here (text)
  • The Rev. Max Maxwell, Grace, Hartford, CT LInk here (PDF)
  • The Rev. Joe Dirba, St. Peter's, Del Mar, CA Link here (audio)
  • The Rev. Paul Jeanes III, Dec. 16, Trinity Church, Princeton Link here (audio)
  • The Rev. Jennifer L. Replogle, Dec. 23, Trinity Church, Princeton Link here (audio)
  • The Rev. John Carter, Dec. 23, St., St. John's, Salisbury, CT Link here (PDF)

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