Monday, June 23, 2008

Advice for those in the Discernment Process - from "Ember Days"

I think that "Ember Days" has some wonderful thoughts, solid wisdom, and a great sense of humor...check out his advice for those in the discernment process towards ordination in the Episcopal Church. I've listed the 9 main points, for details, click HERE.


From "Ember Days" Blog...

Now that my discernment process for ordained ministry is behind me (and the ministry itself in front of me), I thought I'd offer my advice -- for whatever it might be worth -- to those who are in the process, or at least that part of the process that begins with admission to postulancy and ends with the imposition of episcopal hands. Basically, here's what I learned by doing a lot of stuff wrong.

(1) Have a regular and reliable connection with someone on the Commission on Ministry.

(2) Make sure the expectations for your "program of preparation" are explicit and in writing.

(3) Have an understanding with the Bishop (and other relevant parties) about how the General Ordination Examination will be used.

(4) Be persistent.

(5) Keep your Bishop informed.

(6) Let your sponsoring parish see you from time to time.

(7) Have a copy of the canons handy.

(8) Keep good records.

(9) Keep reminding yourself that the telos of this process is not getting ordained; it's being a priest.

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(and one more from me...

If you don't know what telos means, look it up before you go to seminary!

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Also, if you haven't already, practice saying "docTRInal" and "bapTIZE."

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