Friday, June 27, 2008

Tradition is the living faith of dead people

I ran across this quote from Jeroslav Pelikan on a friend's page on Facebook and thought it was challenging and particularly interesting....I wonder, however, sometimes what "tradition" and "traditionalism" really are...

"Tradition is the living faith of dead people to which we must add our chapter while we have the gift of life. Traditionalism is the dead faith of living people who fear that if anything changes, the whole enterprise will crumble." - Jaroslav Pelikan

But, much food for thought in this little morsel!

The Rev. Peter M. Carey


it's margaret said...

Hot damn!! That's really good. Ohh --Joel and I will have a lot to talk about with that one.

Thank you Peter --margaret

it's margaret said...

Peter, I copied your Pelikan quote and linked you on my blog. I'll unlink if you want me to.

blessings, --margaret