Sunday, June 29, 2008

NYTimes Article ... Let Your Fingertips Be Your Guidebook, ...yea right....

So, today I'm on the train back to NYC and I start reading a discarded NYTimes and run across this article about how great the Wi-Fi is in New York City, and how you can be so hip to the scene at a moment's notice by googling all sorts of stuff. My experience has been that if you're willing to pay out the nose for T-Mobile at Starbucks, you are in good shape (provided that you don't need to walk 10 blocks to get to one), however, if you are not in Lower Manhattan, the Wi-Fi options are not so great ... still, an interesting article (even if it is a bit of a stretch)...

June 29, 2008
Weekend in New York | Wireless Explorations

Let Your Fingertips Be Your Guidebook

IS it worth taking a laptop along when you visit New York City?

Not to check your e-mail at the hotel or to sneak in a few hours on a PowerPoint presentation for next week. That is definitely not worth it; you’re on vacation.

But what about a laptop as a guidebook-that-knows-all, at least when it can find a free Wi-Fi hot spot? New York is, almost certainly, the most well-documented city in the land; from Chowhound’s no-menu-unturned food discussion boards to HopStop’s subway directions to Wikipedia’s accurate-enough-for-tourists historical summaries of just about everything under the Manhattan sun. Not to mention the information on and its worthy competitors, as well as the omnipotence of Google.

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