Monday, February 09, 2009

A GOE (General Ordination Exam) Question for Proponents of the GOEs

1) In a three page answer, I would love to hear from proponents of the GOE (General Ordination Exam), what exactly is the purpose of the GOE?

In the answer, please include quotations and comment from at least 10 bishops from across the geographic and theological spectrum offering their perspectives on the GOE, and the ways in which they use the scoring and comments.

2) Also, please comment on the $64,000 question (close to the amount of loan that most seminarians are strapped with upon leaving seminary): Do the GOE's actually ever prevent a person from becoming ordained? and, if not (see question (1)) what exactly is the purpose of the GOE?

Here is a quote from the Rev. Dr. Gary Hall, President of Seabury Western Seminary, from his blog, "Ah, Yes!":

"In all my years of working with these exams—as GOE reader, as Commission on Ministry and Standing Committee member, as seminary dean--I have yet to see any performance on the GOE stop someone from getting ordained. Even the exam’s proponents understand the limitations of the GOE for assessment purposes. So relax. Not only, as John Dally would say, do you already know what you need to know. You are being evaluated by people who want you to succeed. These exams will not kill you. Nor will they stop you from exercising the ministry to which God is calling you."

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