Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"There was hardly any room in the week for God," Rowan Williams

from the London Times....

....Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams:

"Years ago I lived in a town where there was a very active church indeed. Outside this church was an enormous noticeboard.

"It must have been about six feet square. It seemed every moment of the week was taken up by activity. But I've no doubt indeed it was a very good church and very careful and loving parish.

"And yet that noticeboard used to worry me and it still does. It seems to me it speaks of an idea of the church which supposes that the church is about human beings doing things. When you looked at that church you would have thought, what a lot of things they do there. But I'm still wondering if anyone ever asked, does God do things here? It seemed to be just a slight risk that there was hardly any room in the week for God to find his way in among all these activities."

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Fr Craig said...

I copied this for future use. As a priest, it drives me crazy when people complain, 'there's nothing to do! We need more programs!' Just what is a 'program...' and what does it have to do with worship, prayer, and pastoral care - which is what I thought my job was...