28 August 2009

The Archbishop's Concern for the Environment - "the grain of creation..."

Interesting video from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams...especially interested in his use of the term "the grain of Creation" (if I heard him right). I need to do some searching around and see where he gleaned this fascinating term...

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey

The Archbishop of Canterbury shares concerns for our planet in the new Ready Steady Slow videocast - encouraging us to sign up in advance, by email, to the Church of Englands environmentally-themed online Advent calendar for 2009, containing daily green challenges and thoughts. Dr Williams encourages a "response to Gods hope for us", and teaches that "God creates us so we may be part of His creation - not something separate, not some alien power manipulating it to our own ends, but part of a creation working together harmoniously. Sign up for Ready Steady Slow at www.whywearewaiting.org.

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