Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time for a shout-out to some blogging friends ...

It is time for me to give a shout-out to some of my blogging friends. I read all their posts and think you should check them out!

It's Better Left Said
Written by one of the brightest guys from my hometown, he's bright, funny, insightful, and fun to read - whether you agree or not. Check it out HERE

Will writes from the Bay Area, where he is a priest at Grace Cathedral, and has recently taken on some other roles in the dynamic diocese of California. He is courageous, joyful, and dedicated to peace with justice. Check out yearns&groans HERE.

Scribere Orare Est
Jared writes from the perspective as an Episcopal priest working at Christ Church in Alexandria, VA. He is a great writer, and has a keen theological mind. He is a great fan of Archbishop Michael Ramsey (who I also love) and he has a book upcoming about Archbishop Ramsey's Ecclesiology. Check out his posts HERE, and also consider ordering his book when it comes out.

Kathy writes this blog along with writing and teaching poetry as well as ascetical theology. She is a great writer and a great soul. I have learned much from her and am so glad that she blogs HERE at PoetProph, and also occasionally at the Daily Episcopalian. She also has a new book coming out which I have already pre-ordered: Waving Back: Poems of Mothering Life, is available now for pre-order at the website of Finishing Line Press.

Creedal Christian
Bryan blogs over at Creedal Christian and he has some keen reflections on the goings on of the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church. I learn much from him and appreciate his criticism of some of the "sacred cows" of our current Episcopal Church. While readers may not agree with everything he writes, they will go away knowing more than when they sat down to surf blogland. Check it out HERE.

Where the Wind
Adam is blogging at Where the Wind. He is a bright young man who is serving as an Episcopal priest in West Virginia. He's a good writer and I have appreciated his thoughts. He has recently joined the team of writers at the Episcopal Cafe. I also noticed tonight that he is making a foray into video blogging which should be good! Check out his blog HERE.

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Adam said...

Sweet, Thanks Peter!
I'm really excited to part of Episcopalcafe. I think it's a cool place. And, anything that Roger Ferlo likes must be okay. peace, Adam