Saturday, December 15, 2007

Archbishop of Canterbury's Advent Message

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has issued an Advent message that has already provoked response from a wide variety of people in the Episcopal Church and others.

You can read the entire message HERE.

Rev. Tobias Haller has THIS to say in response to the letter, and I found his comments particularly helpful as I am striving to read, mark, and inwardly digest the Archbishop's prose.
Well, the Archbishop of Canterbury has issued his Advent letter, strangely enough a day after his Christmas greeting.* The form and content of the Advent letter perhaps make it clear why it was delayed: it is no brief
greeting but a rather detailed examination of the situation in which the Anglican Communion finds itself. For the Archbishop of Canterbury it represents something of a breakthrough in clarity, even though the situation it
describes remains rather fuzzy; it is rather like a very sharp photograph of a painting by Monet — perhaps of a
cathedral in the late afternoon sun.
You can read the rest HERE.

Bishop Epting, the Ecumenical Officer of the Episcopal Church offers his early reflections on this letter HERE. A brief excerpt from his blog entry can be seen here:
"As always, with Rowan Williams’ writing, I shall want to take some time to parse it more deeply instead of making some kind of knee jerk response (of which there will be, I am sure, many!). He has rightly summarized our current difficulties as being every bit as much about the scripture and ecclesiology (especially the ministry of bishops) as about Christian ethics and the presenting issue of the place of gay and lesbian persons in the Church."
Read the rest HERE

Stephen Bates, the British journalist who writes in the Guardian, and also the blog Thinking Anglicans, has some interesting reflections on this Advent letter, read it HERE. An excerpt is below:
Archbishop slams the splitters
Stephen Bates
Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the worldwide Anglican communion, yesterday condemned attempts by conservative church leaders to undermine the US Episcopal Church for its support for gay rights and effectively refused calls to disinvite American bishops from next year’s Lambeth Conference of all the church’s bishops. Read it all HERE.

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