Monday, December 03, 2007

SPACE, the Final Frontier...

No, I don't mean Star Trek - space...for surely that is the final frontier (I always wanted to be an astronaut, but couldn't hack the 3D motion sickness)...but "Space" in our lives also seems to be the final frontier. How can we make space? How can we take the time for rest? How can we make the time and the space for Sabbath, which is, afterall, one of the commandments!? (sorry to sound so biblical and religious...!).

Can we make space for the angels to come to us as Mary did?
Can we hear God's voice among the cacophany of voices?

Henri Nouwen has some comments on space and time and such that I found helpful as I am striving to live into a Holy Advent:

By Henri Nouwen

Empty space tends to create fear. As long as our minds, hearts and hands are occupied we can avoid confronting the painful questions, to which we never gave much attention and which we do not want to surface. “Being busy” has become a status symbol, and most people keep encouraging each other to keep their body and mind in constant motion. Occupation and not empty space is what most of us are looking for. When we are not occupied we become restless. We even become fearful when we do not know what we will do the next hour, the next day or the next year. Then occupation is called a blessing and emptiness a curse.

Many telephone conversations start with the words: “I know you are busy, but…” and we would confuse the speaker and even harm our reputation were we to say, “Oh no, I am completely free, today, tomorrow and the whole week.” Our client might well lose interest in one who has so little to do.

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(Kathy) said...

Good stuff here - I may steal it whole as one of the readings for an Advent Quiet Day I'm leading at church this Saturday: Working title "Listening for God Amid the Busy-ness: A morning of quiet reflection for Advent." Hope that's OK with you.