11 December 2007

Rowan Williams on "God the Creator"

For my Christian Theology class, we are looking at "God the Creator", and what this means in its fullest sense, and are using Rowan Williams' Book, Tokens of Trust, as well as Gunnar Urang's An Inquirer's Guide to Christian Believing to begin to explore God the Creator.

"Faith doesn't try and give you an alternative theory about the mechanics of the world; it invites you to take a step further, beyond the nuts and bolts, even beyond the Big Bang, to imagine an activity so unrestricted, so supremely itself, that it depends on nothing and is constantly pouring itself out so that the reality we know depends on it. Creation isn't a theory about how things started; as St. Thomas Aquinas said, it's a way of seeing everything in relation to God. Whatever you encounter is there because God chose that it should be there."

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