11 December 2007

Three years ago this week

Adam P. Goren, RIP

My friend Steve, over at "Draughting Theology" has a post today about our friend and seminary colleague, Adam Goren, who died three years ago this week. Adam was a wonderful person and while I knew him mostly on the Flag Football field, his passion for life and joyful presence was wonderful and contagious. It sounds sorta trivial and not that profound that I knew him mostly from running into each other on the line down on the Trotter Bowl at football practice. He was strong, a good leader, and loved being at seminary and was on his way to be a wonderful priest in the Episcopal Church. As I am about to be ordained to the priesthood next week, I remember Adam and am sad that the church and the world missed out on experiencing more of what might have been a rich and long ministry among us. It was a profoundly sad time three years ago as we mourned the loss of Adam and my heart is heavy still. One of his good friends posted this entry on a blog entry shortly after Adam's death, and it is a fitting tribute.
This isn't a picture of Adam, but we are playing with the kind of intensity that he modeled

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