Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Every 500 years, the church has a rummage sale." - Bishop Mark Dyer

"Every 500 years, the church has a rummage sale."

~Bishop Mark Dyer of the Diocese of Bethlehem (PA)

everything is prone to change, and perhaps we are at one of those times!
from "The Great Emergence" by Phyllis Tickle

Read Bishop Dan Edward's reflections on this topic at his blog HERE.

Here is a bit:
"The metaphor has to do with moving out of an old house and disposing of things we no longer need or that no longer work."
This odd adage is a solid historical observation. About every 500 years, give or take a few, the Church has a dispute, a big split (bigger than the little denominational chippings off that happen all the time), there is a new expression of Christiainity -- actually 2 new expressions because the old group is transformed too. The Church is re-energized and spreads the Gospel more effectively than before. It happened in the time of Gegory I, again in 1,000 when the East and West divided, again in 1522 with the Protestant Reformation --"

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Devin The PoetWarrior said...

We (the North American church most specifically) should be very concerned with this prediction by the Bishop and by everything Tickle writes about.

I- along with many others- believe that the church is: a. not listening to its apostles and prophets; b. do not truly know Jesus and have only clung to the church as a superstitious and religious institution; and that beaucracy is/will kill(ing) our very souls.

When we are more concerned with our denomination doctrine and rules/regulations we are in a very spiritually dangerous place.