31 March 2008

Black Liberation Theology on Fresh Air with Terry Gross

James Cone

James Cone: Black liberation theologian says
the overriding message of Old Testament prophets
— and Jesus Christ — is "a condemnation of the nation
and of the religious [establishment]
... for oppressing the poor."
Courtesy Union Theological Seminary

From the Philadelphia NPR station, WHYY, on the program "Fresh Air," Terry Gross interviews not only the founder of Black Liberation Theology, James H. Cone, but also the University of Chicago Divinity School theologian, Dwight Hopkins on this important topic. I had the good pleasure to read a lot of James H. Cone's work last year as a part of my M.Div. Thesis, and am fascinated by the interest in this important topic (I'd love to see the dialogue move to a more constructive level, and am so glad that Terry Gross brought out these two thoughtful theologians for interviews today).

Go to WHYY and check out the program Fresh Air from today's program.


The Rev. Peter M. Carey

Fresh Air from WHYY

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ReligionBlack Liberation Theology: A Historical Perspective

Theologian Dwight Hopkins provides a historical perspective on black liberation theology. Hopkins is an ordained Baptist minister and a professor of theology at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

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