Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Readings from the Daily Office

Psalm 93
Psalm 96
Isaiah 35:1-10
Luke 1:67-80

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A new song, a new year, a new day, and yet, on this day we remember a birth that happened many years before, a pebble thrown into the ocean with ripples that continue to our very shores.  We remember a birth that happened, and yet we also pray that we might give birth to something new this year, this day.  We tell the same story, we hear the same words, we act out the same parts, we sing the same songs, but the day is new, the year is new, and we are new, though we may feel older, we are new .
Sing to the Lord a new song!  What would it sound like to really sing a new song?  What would it look like to live our lives anew?  God has become human, and God has knit us one to another in the Body of Christ.  He came so that we might live our lives abundantly (John 10:10), he came so that we might live our lives anew.

May we sing to the Lord a new song, and may our lives today be that song that we sing anew.

Merry Christmas!!

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey

Psalm 96

1Sing to the LORD a new song; *
sing to the LORD, all the whole earth.
2Sing to the LORD and bless his Name; *
proclaim the good news of his salvation from day to day.

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