Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 14 of Advent - "A place of forgiveness"

Day 14 of Advent
Saturday in the 2nd week of Advent


Psalm 30
Psalm 32
Isa. 8:1-15
2 Thess. 3:6-18
Luke 22:31-38

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Asking for forgiveness is hard.  Even harder can be getting to a place where we can forgive ourselves.  Have you forgiven yourself for those things you have done and left undone?  The theologian and Episcopal priest, Michael Battle used to say that we should strive to "inhabit" forgiveness.  Forgiveness can be seen as a place that can be difficult to get to, and difficult to inhabit.  Advent is a time in which we can reflect upon the ways that we need to move to a place of forgiveness, and when we ponder all these things in our hearts we may come to that place where we can forgive ourselves, and where we might ask for forgiveness from others.

Jesus has provided a place where we might find forgiveness and reconciliation, God judges us but God also forgives us.  The place of forgiveness is opened to us through the Incarnation, through Christ's life and work, and his death, Resurrection and Ascension.  The place of forgiveness and reconciliation is a place where we might experience the peace which passes all human understanding, where we might keep our hearts and minds at peace in Christ Jesus.

The Advent season is one of preparation, a time when we prepare a way for the Lord, a way for the Lord and the way for us to the place of reconciliation.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord!

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey

Psalm 32
1  Happy are they whose transgressions are forgiven, *
and whose sin is put away!

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