Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remembering Adam Goren - 6 years ago - 14 December 2004

My thoughts today are with Adam Goren, a seminary classmate who died 6 years ago.  He had an infectious spirit and is still sorely missed.

My prayers are with all those who are remembering him today...

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey

Three years ago I wrote the following reflection on the death of Adam Goren:

"My friend Steve, over at "Draughting Theology" has a post today about our friend and seminary colleague, Adam Goren, who died three years ago this week. Adam was a wonderful person and while I knew him mostly on the Flag Football field, his passion for life and joyful presence was wonderful and contagious. It sounds sorta trivial and not that profound that I knew him mostly from running into each other on the line down on the Trotter Bowl at football practice. He was strong, a good leader, and loved being at seminary and was on his way to be a wonderful priest in the Episcopal Church. As I am about to be ordained to the priesthood next week, I remember Adam and am sad that the church and the world missed out on experiencing more of what might have been a rich and long ministry among us. It was a profoundly sad time three years ago as we mourned the loss of Adam and my heart is heavy still."


In 2008, Dean Ian Markham wrote the following about Adam, and I posted it here on this blog:

"From Dean Ian Markham's "Dean's Commentary" today from www.vts.edu

"From time to time, a gift is made to the Seminary in honor of Adam P. Goren. And often I meet alums who describe and talk fondly on this remarkable young man. So today we remember Adam Goren, a member of the Class of 2005 who died unexpectedly on December 14, 2004. Appropriately, Adam’s classmates chose to honor his life and presence among them through the purchase of two benches which are in Trotter Bowl and by establishing the Adam P. Goren Scholarship Fund to benefit students pursuing chaplaincy. Since the fund was established, close to 100 classmates, fellow students, friends and family have contributed over $25,000 in Adam’s honor.

At the time of the dedication of the two benches Dean Martha Horne remembered Adam as one who embraced this seminary and his friends with an exuberant and extravagant love. Adam had a distinctive and resonating laugh that brought joy to those who heard it. Adam was a person of many interests and abilities who delighted in coaching the Fighting Friars football team that practiced each week on Trotter Bowl. On the day the seminary community celebrated Adam’s life in the Seminary chapel, the Texas State flag and Adam’s cleats hung from the flagpole on the Aspinwall Tower. At the Commencement service in May 2005 when Adam’s classmates received their diplomas, Adam’s mother was present to receive a special certificate of work accomplished in Adam’s name.

Adam has a special place in the life and memory of this Seminary.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President"


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