Sunday, December 13, 2020

#AdventWord of the day is #Go

The Advent word of the day is "Go"

Abraham and Sarah were told to "Go" from their homeland, from their comfort zone, to a place that God would show them.  Rounding up their livestock, their necessary possessions, their families and their servants, they left.  They went.  "Go" says the Lord.  Of course, ironic, perhaps for us this year as we are "stuck" in our places.  We are "staying" physically, where we are, so we don't spread a deadly pandemic.  The pestilence of COVID-19 means that this notion of God telling us to "Go," sounds cruelly ironic, perhaps. On the other hand, perhaps God is telling us something new in this time.  Perhaps we are being told to "Go" deeper, to dig down, to forge deep into the depths.  Perhaps God is urging us, while we have the time, to renew and refresh our deep reliance up on God.  Perhaps God is calling us to recognize and embrace Christ in our midst.  Perhaps God is pulling us into a place where we can sense the Holy Spirit here in this time and even in this place.  


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