Monday, December 14, 2020

The Reverend Frederick W. Neve


The Rev. Frederick W. Neve, Archdeacon of the Blue Ridge. In 1888, Neve came from England to assume the rectory of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Ivy, Virginia, thus beginning a long and fruitful ministry in Ivy. 

Dedicated to carrying the Gospel to the people of the Blue Ridge, Mr. Neve began a chain of mountain missions, many of which exist today. As a result of Neve’s tireless ministry, the Archdeaconry of the Blue Ridge was established in 1904; Neve served as the first Archdeacon until his death in 1948. St. Paul’s Parish House, erected that same year, is a memorial to him. 

The Prayer of the Thousandfold, found on the brass plaque in our sanctuary, serves as a reminder of the Order of the Thousandfold, begun by Neve to inspire service to God. At its height, people across the globe adhered to the Order’s plea to make oneself a thousand times more useful to God. 

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Ivy, Virginia: 

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