01 May 2008

Gandalf planning to preach Bishop Robinson's Sermon?

Wow,...we certainly live in interesting times...on Ruth Gledhill's (London Times Religion Correspondent) blog, she asserts that there may be a plan to have Sir Ian McCellan (the wonderful actor who played Gandalf in the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings series) preach Bishop Gene Robinson's sermon since Bishop Robinson has been denied permission to preside at the Eucharist and to preach in England by Archbishop Rowan Williams ...

... perhaps just a few rumors stitched together, but the idea is pretty interesting....

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey


From Ruth Gledhill's blog:

Episcopal Cafe has a good story in its 'lead', that Bishop Gene Robinson has been denied permission by the Archbishop of Canterbury to preach while in this country during Lambeth. I've been following this for some time, as there was a story going round that Sir Ian McKellan, the gay actor, would take part in a service and 'preach' the sermon for Bishop Gene while he stood silently beside the pulpit. Sir Ian is understood to have expressed his sympathies for Bishop Gene in writing. Also, when my own husband interviewed him a while back for The Times Magazine, although these quotes didn't make it into the finished article because they weren't relevant, Sir Ian was clear in his outrage at the Anglican goings-on. When I spoke to Sir Ian about it a few days ago he was adamant that he wished to make no comment. And Sir Ian's office tells me he has no plans to do anything for Bishop Gene at present. In any case, whether he did or not would depend on Bishop Gene being banned from preaching in the first place. So has he or hasn't the bishop been banned? Will Bishop Gene and Sir Ian put on a 'double act' at St Mary's Putney, an event that would be a massive publicity coup for Inclusive Church and Bishop Gene's supporters?

It does make me wonder whether the Archbishop of Canterbury has deliberately given them the opening they need to do just this. Because if Lambeth Palace hadn't denied him permission to preach, he could hardly make such a powerful protest against a non-existent injunction. But maybe that's a conspiracy theory too far.....

Read it all HERE.

If Gandalf preaches Bishop Robinson's sermon, who will preside and preach for Bishops Minns or Venables (if they too are banned)

Hmmmmmmm, what do you think...?

I, for one, would be happy to have Merry or Pippin preach for me in England ....

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