22 May 2008

Virginia Theological Seminary Commencement, 2008 Online

I'm sitting here at my desk, trying to grade the last few papers before the onslaught of exam grading after I administer the exam this weekend, and also working through the last details of the my first opportunity to preside at a wedding. Amidst all these end of year tasks, I remembered that my seminary, Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) is having its commencement exercises. So, I clicked on the link HERE, and am watching it. So, check it out. My beloved professor and advisor, Roger Ferlo, will give the commencement address, and you can also check out last night's Mission for the Church service at which the Presiding Bishop preached HERE.

It brings me all back to only 1 year ago and my own commencement...wow, lots has happened since then! NYC for the summer, ordination to the diaconate, beginning a new job, new city, new school, having our third child, ordination to the priesthood, and on and on....

I hope and pray that in this time of the end of the school years that all of us can take time to reflect on the year past, and give thanks for God's grace through it all. Peace be with you!

Some images from a year ago are below:

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