22 November 2008

Join the Advent Conspiracy!

Check it out here: http://www.adventconspiracy.org

Advent Conspiracy is an international movement restoring the scandal of Christmas by substituting compassion for consumption.

For three years now, Christmas isn't about credit cards. It's been about:
- Worshiping Christ more meaningfully.
- Refusing our culture's hunger for consumerism.
- Giving relationally to our friends and family.
- Loving all by giving to those most in need.

[AC 2008] -- The past two years of Advent Conspiracy has changed the way tens of thousands of Christians celebrate Christmas, and resulted in millions of dollars being redistributed to needy neighborhoods and solving the global water crisis.

Expect Jesus to be worshiped and lives saved as thousands of churches to join in the blessed mischief this year.

Check out the Advent Conspiracy promotional video:

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