25 November 2008

What you should be reading? #5 - Praying for England, edited by Samuel Wells and Sarah Coakley

Praying for England: Priestly Presence in Contemporary Culture

As a somewhat new priest, I am finding that to be a priest in the changing landscape of religion and culture to be a fascinating thing to be. There are some wonderful ways that embodying the priesthood in a time of both rapid change and longing for continuity to be a particular gift and challenge. In this wonderful book of essays, edited by Samuel Wells (dean of Duke University and Anglican Priest) and Sarah Coakley (wonderful theologian and Anglican Priest), the reader will find a spectrum of ways that priests are living out their calling, and working to be present with and reflective about their people. The picture on the cover is compelling, a man praying deeply, it appears, for his football team (soccer, for us Yankees) - how ready we are to pray and hope and be devoted to such things as sports, while our dedication to church may not be as strong. Have a look at this book if you are a priest, or if you have ideas and questions about the role and the place of the church in our contemporary world.

~ The Rev. Peter M. Carey

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