13 November 2008

O God, go with me

O God, go with me as I go out into the confusion of the world. It is often hard to know the right; and even when I know it, still it may be hard to do it. I want to be faithful to the best I believe in; but the best is high, and the common ways are easy. I need to be reminded of the way I want to go. Help me to keep a clean mind, a generous heart, and a courageous purpose. Let me never willingly bring harm to any man; and if in the complexities of things I cannot help, I do bring harm to any, keep me troubled and unsatisfied until I learn to make my good and his agree. When there seems to be no straight road forward, and I am caught in compromise, teach me to turn where there is least of evil and most promise of a future good. Let me not only pray "Thy kingdom come," but do whatever one man can to let thy kingdom come through me. Amen

(By Reverend Walter Russell Bowie from Give Us Grace: An Anthology of Anglican Prayers, by Christopher L. Webber; published by Morehouse in 2004.)

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