30 November 2008

My Video on Advent from last year

Here's a video I shot last year on the First Sunday of Advent. Blessings on you and yours and prayers for a holy Advent!

"Discussion of the liturgical season of Advent with the Rev. Peter M. Carey, Chaplain at St. Catherine's School, Richmond, Virginia in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia"

~ Rev. Peter M. Carey

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Louise L said...

Hi Fr Peter, It's LouiseL_SFO from Belief.net. I saw your link and followed it here. I'm a Roman Catholic but was a member of The Church of the Holy Apostles in Norfolk/Virginia Beach from right after their founding until the military transferred me away several years later. . They might remember me. So I'm fairly comfortable with your faith.

Seeing you are from the Richmond Diocese I figure you know about that church too. If you see Msgr Ray Barton or Fr Don Gross in your travels tell them Louise L says hello.

Loved the Advent video and I'm going to add your life activities list to my more secular journal. I think some of my online friends will enjoy it.