05 June 2007

Compost and Flowers

The wise wise Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh has written much about the connection between the flowers that we enjoy and the nutrients that flowers attain from compost, manure, or other natural fertilizers. Today, as a part of our moving process, I finally put into the ground a bunch of compost that we had been creating from our leftover food waste (for more info on why to do composting, watch Inconvenient Truth!). And, man was it NASTY smelling! Yuck!

I pulled the old trash bin out of the ground and dumped the compost into a section of our little yard that will be (for the next tenants) a wonderfully fertilized section of soil, rather than a brick-like section of Virginia clay. That bin smelled like a port-o-john!

After this terribly stinky work, I went out the front door, and what had the earth offered up after a weekend of soaking rain, but an incredible flower. The connections between decay and growth, between the everyday and the holy, between death and resurrection are profound, and perhaps all around us, if we have eyes to see. That is my hope.

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