Monday, June 25, 2007

God has a way of speaking to us ... I really drove by this yesterday!

On the way back from my grandparents' 65th (!) Anniversary Party, we drove by this sign:

There is no vacation from my vocation, however, this summer, I am learning a deeper level of humility, kenosis (self-emptying), and how to function on little sleep and much caffeine as I continue to care for my two sons (4 yrs, and nearly 2 yrs). I am learning much about caring for their souls (and bodies, and minds...), and learning much about serving those in need while I set aside some of my own wants.

Many of my friends are serving as curates for their transitional diaconate, and the traditional term "curate" meant "cure" or "care" of souls - that to serve as a curate an ordained person would care for those people surrounding the church and would be specifically charged with care for their souls. The role of a deacon is a wonderful calling, or vocation, and really has to do with leading the laos (ALL the people, "laity" and "clergy") into the world to serve those in need, especially the poor, the sick, those in prison, and those in need. In addition, the deacon "brings" the needs of the world into the worshipping community of the church -they are bridge-builders and servant-leaders.

So, there is no vacation from our vocation, and I know I would do well to remember the vocation of the deacon, and also the important vocation of a curate, which all ordained people should remember (imho) and try to embody.

There is no vacation from our vocation!

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