Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Check out Laura's Blog: My Quotidian Mysteries !!!

After doing a little surfing around on Facebook, I realized that my colleague from Seminary, Laura, has a wonderful blog called My Quotidian Mysteries which is just excellent and wonderful. You can see the first post in her blog here. She has a deep sense of God's work in the everyday, and her blog reflects this sensibility.

Quotidian - (adj.) everyday, ordinary, commonplace
the space where mothers often dwell and out of which great mysteries emerge

Here is her first post (from April, 2007) for a little taste of her reflections:

"Two months after my daughter was born, I read a terrific book by Kathleen Norris entitled "The Quotidian Mysteries." In it she argues that the hum-drum aspects of life are avenues into the incarnational reality of Christ. Laundry can be a spiritual discipline if you have the eyes to see it. I've been lurking in "mommy blogs" lately, and I've been really impressed with the women that write them who are living faithful, often uncelebrated lives. These are my quotidian sisters, and this blog is one more contribution to the quotidian mysteries of which we partake: nap schedules, food preparation, laundry, lonely times, confusing times, joyful times; developmental milestones and setbacks; marriage ups and downs. I loaned the book to a friend on Tuesday who loved it and loaned her copy to someone else. She needed another read. Hopefully I'll see it again. In the meantime, I'll press on with today's mysteries."

Do check out her blog, Laura is great, and this blog is also quite wonderful. She is headed to Qatar with her husband (who works for the State Department) and young daughter. I imagine her reflections and thoughts will become even deeper and broader in coming weeks and months.

My Quotidian Mysteries Blog
at http://myquotidianmysteries.blogspot.com/


Laura said...

Oh my, what a blurb. :) I'm so glad you like my blog, and I DO hope that my entries get slighly more spiritually scintillating once we move. Ahh, right now we're knee-deep in packing, and it will soon be over. H'am-du-lil-allah!

Peter Carey said...

Laura, we just moved our stuff to Richmond, I am totally wiped out...now I'm at my in-laws with the boys and will be off to nyc, soon.

I am so impressed that you're taking on the adventure of this move to Qatar!

Also, I think your posts are depely spiritual and theological. God is in the everyday blessings and joys and pains and sadness ... Lord knows, raising kids brings all these elements to us in spades!

Peace to you,!!!