04 June 2007

Santos Woodcarving Popsicles

The inspiration for this blog came from the photo that was taken at Chimayo, New Mexico a few years ago while I was visiting my wife's parents in Santa Fe. We drove up to Chimayo, which I will write more about soon in another post. The words on the wall of the shop advertise these three items: Santos - those small carved figures of the saints (santos) that are very common in the Southwest; Woodcarving - there are all kinds of woodcarvings to be purchased, many with a religious/spiritual theme; and finally, Popsicles - if I need to describe what popsicles are, I am sorry for you, but I love popsicles.

What I really love about this sign is that these three items are not expected to be advertised together, they point to the holy, but also to the everyday, and make no excuses for the everyday and the holy to be merged and unified.

I will (Godwilling) be ordained this week to the transitional Diaconate in the Episcopal Church and am keen to stay connected to the holy, but also be fully integrated and involved with the everyday.

With this blog, I hope to reflect upon the everyday and the holy and perhaps explore the ways that we have a tendency to separate the everyday and the holy, to separate the santos from the popsicles ...

...however, in our moments of deepest connection to one another and to nature, and to God, I believe that we do see the profound way that there is no separation between the Santos, the Woodcarving, and the Popsicles...(more to come...)

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Chuck Blanchard said...


I am really enjoying your blog, and will add it to my blog roll. Best of luck in NYC. I look forward to reading about your adventures!