15 June 2007

Over at Dr. Cook's Blog, he reports on the news of Professor Stephen Edmondson leaving VTS to become a rector.

Dr. Stephen Cook quotes Dean Martha Horne's statement that she sent to the VTS Community:

Here is the announcement just emailed by Dean Horne:

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with very mixed emotions that I write to let you know that the Reverend Dr. Stephen Edmondson has accepted a call to be the next rector of St. Thomas Church in McLean, Virginia, effective July 16. Stephen came to VTS in 1999 after completing his Ph.D. in theology at Yale. During his eight year tenure here, he has taught courses in Church History and Theology. Stephen has been a splendid teacher and mentor for our students and a wonderful colleague and friend to members of the faculty.

The rest of the letter can be read here.

Here are my comments on the Rev. Dr. Stephen Edmondson...

Dr. Edmondson is an excellent teacher, and his course in Church History during my first year of seminary opened my eyes, mind, and soul to not only Church History, but also the history of Theology. He prepared impressive lectures, and punctuated them by deep scholarship as well as wonderful examples, humor, and insight. He is a great priest-scholar and it does not surprise me that he feels called to do parish work at this time, and I really appreciated his statement that revealed his prayerful discernment regarding this decision. As someone who is beginning my ministry this fall in the Diocese of Virginia, I am excited to be able to call Dr. Edmondson a colleague. As someone who will be beginning my ministry as a school chaplain but who wants to do further academic work as well as work in a parish before too long, I am glad to see that he will be bringing his depth of scholarship, theology, and practice into that setting.

I will always be so appreciative of Dr. Edmondson for his teaching of Church History and for the way that he introduced me to the theological tradition of our church.
Blessings and peace to you, Dr. E!!!

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