Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Welcome Back Kotter on DVD!

God is Good,

....and now we have more reason to rejoice; "Welcome Back Kotter" is now on DVD.

This is a terrific show, great fun, great characters, and some real wisdom shoehorned in between the jokes!

from the Washington Post...

Go Back to Class With 'Kotter'

washingtonpost.com Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More than 30 years after the Sweathogs burst onto America's TV screens, are they still funny? You bet that rubber hose up your nose they are.

Fans of "Welcome Back Kotter" -- the '70s sitcom that catapulted John Travolta into the teen-idol stratosphere, gave John Sebastian a hit song and launched myriad infantile catch phrases -- have been waiting patiently for a full season of the show on DVD. Today they finally get their wish, thanks to a four-disc set (retail price: $29.98) packed with all 22 installments from the Buchanan High School crew's first season. ...for the full article, read here.

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