Sunday, September 14, 2008

Important Op-Ed by David Abshire and Ian Markham in the Washington Post

With all the turmoil, vitriol, hurt, and anger happening in our Episcopal/Anglican Church, I found this piece by David Abshire and Ian Markham to be an important contribution, as it does not tread the same worn pathways that the strident liberals and the strident conservatives have been walking. Do read it all at the Washington Post website.

~ Rev. Peter Carey

The boycotting of the Lambeth Conference in July by more than 200 Anglican Bishops worldwide has once again drawn attention to the divisions within the Anglican Communion. As mainstream Episcopalians, we are saddened by the rifts in the Church, especially because we believe them to be rooted, to a large extent, in misperceptions and misrepresentations. In addition, we lament the lack of civil dialogue around the divisions in the Church. We seek to remedy some of those misperceptions and advance a civil public discourse on these issues.

In May, Os Guinness posted a column to "On Faith" entitled "Evangelicals Reach Out." The piece referenced his Evangelical Manifesto and the prominent Americans that had supported it. It was superbly written, and subsequently Newsweek carried it in print. It was an affirmative statement of belief, which we endorse. But it stands in stark contrast to others of Guinness' public comments and the positions of some of the congregations and clergy with whom he has aligned himself. A year ago, Guinness and the Reverend John Yates wrote a piece carried in the Washington Post entitled "Why We Left the Episcopal Church." We respectfully but strongly disagree with its depiction of the American Episcopal Church, as strongly as we endorse the message of the Manifesto.

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