Monday, October 01, 2007

God changes appearances every second

By Nikos Kazantzakis

God changes appearances every second. Blessed is the man who can recognize him in all disguises. One moment he is a glass of fresh water, the next, your son bouncing on your knees or an enchanting woman, or perhaps merely a morning walk.

I guess my question is whether we take the time to give attention to God all around us, in the specific moments of every day. It seems vitally important to take time to unplug ourselves and see God in the sunrise, in a conversation, in a song, in a laugh, in a cry. This sense of noticing God's presence all around us is a sacramental sense that is a so helpful corrective to the crazy-busy ways that we sometimes move through the day. God has given us the gift of presence in rich moments of our days, can we develop the eyes to hear and the ears to hear God's presence? In my understanding, the real gift is that not only has God given us the gift of his presence but has also given us the gift of attention, and the vision to see God.

Thanks be to God for these and many other gifts.

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