Monday, October 01, 2007

The Seminar on Conflict Ecclesiology

New Blog to check out! The Seminar on Conflict Ecclesiology

There is a new blog which aims to have discussion about ecclesiology (theology of the church), that looks quite excellent so far. There are 21 Theses of this "Seminar on Conflict Ecclesiology" that will surely spur on good discussion and debate, (and conflict?). Here are a few of the theses... (hat tip to Susan at "This Passage" for letting me know about this blog, though I had been reading Mr. Mongomery's other blog for awhile).

The Twenty-One Theses of Conflict Ecclesiology as of September, 2007

The following theses are subject to critique and revision by the Members of the Seminar. Marshall Montgomery is the original proposer of these theses:

1. Conflict is the basic context for ecclesial discernment.

2. An ecclesial community reveals what it most truly is (and is not) in periods of conflict.

3. The goal of discernment is not to resolve conflict but to know the will of God for a particular community in a particular place and time.

4. Conflict resolution is unimportant except insofar as it aids discernment, edification, sanctification, and mission.

5. Reconciliation of human beings to each other in the church cannot precede reconciliation of the church to God.

6. Discernment plays a prophetic role in the church, in that it names the idols and false gods that we have erected in our sanctuaries and calls us back to the worship of the one, true God.


13. The only pure human being ever to walk the face of the earth is Jesus Christ. His purity was and is maintained through communion with God, not through disassociation with the unpure.

14. Purity through isolation and schism is a satanic temptation; the more one values orthodoxy and holiness, the more attractive this temptation.

15. Absolute undifferentiated inclusivity is not a Gospel value, inasmuch as absolute inclusivity is static. Inclusion without conversion is contentless.


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