03 October 2007

What's your list?

Mark Harris, over at Preludium Blog, has written his list of guidelines for who he will be in communion with...and he urges us all to write our own list...I thought his were just quite awesome and funny, and lyrical and just a nice antidote to a lot of the "covenant" and "communion" language that is being spread around ... sometimes, it seems, we need to read those letters on the wristbands of our evangelical students: wwjd - for, it seems, that Mark Harris' list is in concert with wjwd!

here is his list, not mine ... I still need to write my own, but his is quite a good starting point, don't you think?

Ten personal holy non-covenant communion principles:

  • I will have supper, last or not, with anyone who invites me, subject to personal whim.

  • I refuse to tell the host who to invite and who not to invite.

  • I will invite others to supper with me under the same conditions.

  • I am glad to have any seat at all in the gathering.

  • I will invoke God's blessing on people with abandon believing that God's blessings are indeed most wonderfully spread about. I will invoke God's blessing sometimes on really important things, like daily bread. I will not ever claim to bless personally, believing that people wanted God and Jesus, not me.

  • I give thanks to God for all sorts of people, places, things seen and unseen and this will be quite personal and perhaps self revealing.

  • I will be present wherever and whenever I am fed and will be present for and with others, hopefully being a blessing to them.

  • I am open to the presence of the Holy Spirit in community and communion.

  • I will work at doing justice and loving mercy, and live with my mistakes and get over it.

  • I will live for others, now, knowing perfectly well that I will not be good at it, which is of course why I will sometimes not be invited to supper, holy or not.

I refuse to sign on to these. It is enough to try to live them. If told this is the wrong list, I will happily agree. It is my list. I may revise it next week. Get your own list."

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