Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blogs I read daily - Anglican Communion - The Episcopal Church

Anglican/Episcopal blogs I read every day:

I received an email today from a friend who asked what blogs I recommend related to the Anglican Church and The Episcopal Church...well, here are some of the blogs that I read daily. I've probably forgotten some that I actually do read daily (or nearly daily), and I probably am leaving out some important ones. Please let me know what your favorites are...!

The Episcopal Cafe
The Diocese of Washington sponsors this blog that does a pretty good job of covering the actions and intrigues of the Anglican and the Episcopal Church. There are a variety of editors, and some very good writers, as well as some folks who stay amazingly aware of the actions of our church.


Preludium is written by Mark Harris, who is a priest in the Diocese of Delaware and a member of the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church. He is an incredible reader and observer of the goings-on in our church, and I have learned a great deal from his observations. I read everything he writes.

A Guy in the Pew
Chuck Blanchard at A Guy in the Pew is one of the editors for The Episcopal Cafe, but he also has his own blog in which he comments quite often on the goings-on of The Episcopal Church. He is extremely thoughtful, and is amazing in his ability to digest other articles and offer his thoughts on them. For just "a guy in the pew" he is amazingly wise about all that is going on in our church!

Father Jake Stops the World
Father Jake is the pseudonym of an Episcopal priest who serves on the East Coast of the United States. He is decidedly "liberal" in his outlook, and can be polemical about those on the "right" on many issues in the church. Lately, I have been reading him daily. He is often (somehow) the first person to "break" stories on the Anglican Communion and The Episcopal Church. He can be polemical and biting in his observations and I love him for it - even if I don't agree with him hook, line, and sinker.

"Covenant" is another very thoughtful blog, that is written (I believe) by a small group of writers, and I find their level of theological knowledge and understanding to be very valuable in understanding our present situation. The perspective is hard to pidgeon-hole, but they seem to occupy somewhere in the moderate-to-conservative area. I find the comments and the coverage on "Covenant" to be just excellent.

In a Godward direction
In a Godward direction is written by Tobias Haller, who is an extremely intelligent and keen observer of the actions and stances taken by the Anglican Communion and by people in (and trying to leave) The Episcopal Church. He writes extremely well, and tackles some difficult subjects. I find his thoughts helpful to my understanding, and his awareness of the "news" as well as the "Good News" is impressive.

The Anglican Centrist
The difficulty of occuping the "center" in any discussion or debate is extremely hard, but Father Jones at the Anglican Centrist does an amazing job of walking that "via media." I was alerted to his work by a friend of mine (DK), and I find Fr. Jones to be very helpful to me as I work to challenge my own assumptions. His blog is well-written and helpful and important for an understanding of the goings on of our kooky (and wonderful) church, and his knowledge of theology is excellent.

Inch at a Time
This blog is written by the president of Integrity, Susan Russell. She is a priest in the Diocese of Los Angeles and is a good and pithy writer, and interesting commenter on all things Episcopal. I don't agree with all her perspectives (I am leaning toward Obama over Clinton, for instance), but I appreciate her writing and observations.

Titus One Nine
Titus One Nine is not a blog that I always agree with, and more often or not my blood pressure rises after reading Kendall Harmon's observations. However, he is a very good writer and is courageous in his willingness to (from his own perspective) "call a spade a spade." Of late, I have appreciated his writing and am glad that he is out there writing. He certainly gets me thinking!

The Episcopal Majority
The Episcopal Majority writes from a decidedly moderate to liberal (or just liberal) perspective on The Episcopal Church. There are a variety of commenters, and there have been some real gems in the last few months. They don't post every day, or even every week, but when they do post, it usually is pretty good.

Episcopalooza is mostly a "news blog" as the writer(s) tend to post a lot of articles and videos and pictures and such related to The Episcopal Church. I check out what they post each day, and it is often a good read.

Stand Firm
Stand Firm tends to drive me wacko with much of what is written and commented upon, but in the spirit of fair treatment, I strive to read what is posted each day and try to take it in with an open mind. Behind some of the vitriol there is a lot of hurt on the part of many people in our church and I keep us all in my prayers. I recognize that there are extremely faithful people writing at Stand Firm and though I disagree with them about issues more than I agree, I do consider them brothers and sisters in Christ.

Irenic Thoughts
Frank Logue is the rector of King of Peace Episcopal Church and posts on a wide variety of topics - not solely the "large" Episcopal Church stuff. He is clearly dedicated to his people, and to his particular calling as a parish priest. I enjoy reading and viewing all the wonderful things that go on at his church, and I enjoy reading his theological and biblical reflections as well. In addition, he was a member of the VTS (Virginia Theological Seminary) "Fightin' Friars" flag football team back when he was at seminary (I, too was a member of the team, but several years after Frank was.)

Andrew Plus
Andrew Plus is written by an Episcopal Priest who is another good commenter on the goings-on of our church. In addition, he has a great list of Anglican Blog links on his site as well, which is well-worth checking out.

Ember Days
I think I first found Ember Days when I was trying to figure out when I needed to write my "Ember Day Letter" to my bishop (people in the ordination process are asked to write their bishops four times a year, on the traditional "ember days'). The writer of Ember Days blog is a professor of ethics and theology and is also a postulant for holy orders in the church. He is bright, articulate, and connects his deep understanding of theology with the everyday events in our church.

Episcope is the quasi-official blog of the national Episcopal Church. They mostly post news releases from The Episcopal Church, and coverage of Episcopal churches from around the country. What I really like about this blog is that they have a list of blog links that are categorized as "eyes left" (liberal), "eyes center" (moderate), and "eyes right" (conservative). Good stuff linked here!

Ruth Gledhill at the London Times
Ruth Gledhill is the religion reporter at the London Times, and she does a really good job of covering the Anglican Communion, and also a pretty good job of covering The Episcopal Church.

Cartoon Church
Cartoon Church is a really funny and good blog written by Dave Walker who offers, funny, wise and challenging cartoons about church. He has some great ones that are really well-worth checking out - and for Dave, a picture is often worth several thousand words!


Now, to prove that I am fallible and human, I clearly left out a few of the blogs that I do read often...as a quite "new priest" perhaps I was afraid, somewhere subconsciously, to include the following blog because I feel myself going mad at times in the midst of this vocation.

Of course, I could be wrong
A priest with more courage, and far more self-knowledge about his own 'madness' than myself calls himself the "MadPriest" and he offers a terrific blog, that he so wonderfully named "Of Course I Could Be Wrong," (talk about epistemic humility!) which is a wonderful way to offer his quite challenging and polemical and funny and strange, and, well...quite mad observations on all things Anglican.

In addition, a commenter let me know about the Kew Continuum, which I have added to my "read list" ... also, the same commenter said that there are far too many clergy-types on this list, and I agree - - I can't believe I am already falling into the trap (having been a priest for just over a month!) of not listening to the laity enough. I am on the lookout for "the best Anglican blogs written by the laity"...more later on that!


Matt Wardman said...


Nice list, and I enjoyed the links.

Too many clergy, however, imho. The laity usually know far more, especially the ladies over 90.

I'd add the Kew Continuum to that list - http://richardkew.blogspot.com/.

A conservative voice, but less astringent than those you mention, and he also blogs about his hinterland.

OK. He's a cleric. But we can't have everything!

Peter Carey said...

Matt, thanks, you are spot-on with all of us clergy-types...

I agree that the laity usually knows far more..keep letting me know about other blogs that are out there!

I'm going to check out the Kew Continuum right now, very cool...


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the mention. Love your blog, and your vids, which is how I found you.

As a former senior warden, I know that the laity knows before anyone else does. I got a word about a crisis at Holy Faith, Santa Fe, just the other day, from a lady in the church office, who is friends with a lady at Holy Faith. Googled it and sure enough, found an article. I visited Santa Fe and Holy Faith this year and had no idea what was going on.

I blog mostly just to keep a record of things that I find interesting, and sometimes I make a comment, but mostly the news sort of speaks for itself.

You, and your readers, might like this:

Happy Mardi Gras!