01 January 2008

"New Year's" from the Oxford English Dictionary

from Oxford English Dictionary Online
Oxford University Press 2008

New Year's, n.

Chiefly N. Amer.

Brit. [Short for New Year's Day n. at NEW YEAR n. Compounds 3.]

New Year's Day.

1845 Knickerbocker 25 128 Stay away on New-Year's and you stay away all the year. 1865 Atlantic Monthly 15 450/1 Almiry, who's always wantin' fresh ribbons about New Year's. 1909 Springfield (Mass.) Weekly Republican 4 Nov. 1 The general elections are not now expected until after New Year's. 1952 J. REANEY in R. Weaver Canad. Short Stories (1960) 383 The Christmas holidays were haunted for me by my fear of what would happen when I went back there after New Year's. 1975 F. DECKER in S. Terkel Working IV. 190 She's just lucky he's home Christmas and New Year's.

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