Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Barbara Brown Taylor: "the last thing any of us needs is more information about God."

from the Christian Century's "theolog" blog:

When I hear people talk about what is wrong with organized religion, or why their mainline churches are failing, I hear about bad music, inept clergy, mean congregations and preoccupation with institutional maintenance. I almost never hear about the intellectualization of faith, which strikes me as a far greater danger than anything else on the list. In an age of information overload, when a vast variety of media delivers news faster than most of us can digest—when many of us have at least two e-mail addresses, two telephone numbers and one fax number—the last thing any of us needs is more information about God. We need the practice of incarnation, by which God saves the lives of those whose intellectual assent has turned as dry as dust, who have run frighteningly low on the bread of life, who are dying to know more God in their bodies. Not more about God. More God.

~ Barbara Brown Taylor

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Pastor Sara said...

Hey Cousin,

Barbara Brown Taylor is scheduled for a weekend lecture/workshop in October for United Methodists around here and others who are interested. Its not so close to your home, and October is busy, I'm sure - but I expect my parents and I will be there and it would be really cool if you (and yours?) came too...

Just a thought.