Monday, January 05, 2009

Prayers for Peace - a Jewish Prayer for Peace

"Peace and Joy to you in 2009"

As many of us sent and received Christmas and Holiday cards that had words such as "Peace" and "Joy" and "Hope," I thought it would be a good time to explore some of these deep concepts. Beginning with "Peace," we might also begin by praying for peace.

My friend and colleague, Jim Richardson, who is the rector of St. Paul's Memorial Episcopal Church in Charlottesville recently had a Day of Peace, in which he and his congregation gathered on a Saturday to pray for peace, and they used prayers from a variety of sources. While I was unable to attend this day, I did "follow" it a bit online. Jim, and those who attended, offered a beautiful variety of prayers for peace. I know only too well that while we strive to work for peace with justice, we also are in deep need of God's grace as we pursue this lofty (and difficult!) goal of bringing peace to our lives "nearby" and "far away."

~ The Rev. Peter M. Carey

Jewish Prayer for Peace
Grant us peace, Your most precious gift, O Eternal Source of peace, and give us the will to proclaim its message to all the peoples of the earth. Bless our country, that it may always be a stronghold of peace, and its advocate among the nations. May contentment reign within its borders, health and happiness within its homes. Strengthen the bonds of friendship among the inhabitants of all lands, and may the love of Your name hallow every home and every heart. Blessed is the Eternal God, the Source of peace. AMEN

Gates of Prayer (Reformed Jewish), p. 695

And, do check out Jim's blog, "Fiat Lux" HERE.

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