Thursday, January 22, 2009

President Obama - evidence of spiritual practice

When I saw this photograph of President Obama taken by a Time Magazine photographer just before he emerged to take the oath of office, I thought for sure that this is a man who probably does some centering prayer - and likely is contemplative, in his own way. Whether or not he follows the teachings of Thomas Keating, or Thomas Merton, or Basil Pennington, I do not know. Perhaps his centering is the prayer of every great (or good) athlete or artist, who finds a way to calm himself or herself before "gametime"...

Calm in the midst of storm. Whether or not you agree with him on all policy matters, surely this kind of calm, but engaged, leader is what we need right now. My prayers are with him.

~ The Rev. Peter M. Carey

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Fran said...

Thanks for posting this Peter - it is very edifying to know that he is the leader of our nation at this point in time.

Humanity - it returns to the White House.