19 January 2009

Bishop Gene Robinson's Prayer on Youtube

Bishop Gene Robinson's Prayer at the Lincoln Memorial now posted at Youtube....(thank God for youtube!) courtesy of Sarah Pulliam, a reporter from Christianity Today, and posted over at Episcopal Cafe! (no surprise there!)

~ The Rev. Peter M. Carey


Raspberry Rabbit said...

I've never liked prayers which are really sermons. It's a fault easily corrected in parish intercessors - less easily tackled, I imagine, with Bishops.

Peter Carey said...


Excellent point! I was trying to figure out why I liked what he said, but wasn't sure of it as a prayer, per se...I guess in this particular context, I can kinda understand that he wanted to do more than just offer a concise prayer (while he had the crowd's attention before Beyonce appeared...)...

You did give voice to a concern I have as well...good things,


Mary F. C. Pratt said...

Good job, Peter--thanks!

All Saints Episcopal Church said...

Shout out to Raspberry Rabbit (from Ship of Fools) and also a comment:

Love the people down in front who are totally NOT praying, but taking pictures, etc. Couldn't they maybe pretend for a minute or two?