14 January 2009

RIP Ricardo Montalban, star of Fantasy Island, Wrath of Khan, Star Trek's Space Seed

RIP to Ricardo Montalban, star of the TV Show "Fantasy Island"...though my favorite role he played was Khan in Star Trek, both in the original series, and also the wonderful movie (perhaps the best Star Trek film), "The Wrath of Khan"...

...may he rest in peace and rise in glory.

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Anonymous said...

Most interesting passage from today's Times obit:

Like other minority actors of the time, Mr. Montalb├ín, with his dark good looks and his Spanish accent, seemed to be a kind of racial utility player. This was the era of the western, and he repeatedly played American Indians, including a Blackfoot war chief in “Across the Wide Missouri.” He appeared as an ancient Babylonian in “The Queen of Babylon” and as a Japanese Kabuki actor in “Sayonara.” . . . In 1971, troubled by the way he was asked to portray Mexicans, he helped to found Nosotros, an advocacy group for Latinos working in the movie and television industry.